MetroTalk 3.0 Google Voice Client Lands on Windows Phone 8

With a nice range of enhancements, lockscreen unread count

Owners of Windows Phone 8 devices can now take full advantage of a highly appealing Google Voice client on their smartphones, namely MetroTalk, currently available for download at version 3.0.

The app is rated as the best Google Voice software for Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system, and also offers support for devices running under Windows Phone 7.5.

The new version of MetroTalk arrives on devices with a series of performance and user experience enhancements. The application also offers support for push notifications, so that users would receive SMS messages and voicemail even when the software is in the background.

The main change in the latest release is the support for Windows Phone 8 devices, but other enhancements were also included in the package, such as fast resume capabilities.

The new MetroTalk iteration comes with support for multi-size tiles, while also providing info on unread messages straight to the lockscreen via a new unread counter.

Other changes in the new application release include:

- New: Text-to-speech

- New: Added ability to auto-dial a contact directly from the start screen (a new pin-to-start menu has been introduced in Call/Text)

- New: Additional folder pages can now be downloaded using a scroll-up gesture

- New: Option for enabling private mode, which hides any sender or content info for new notifications

- New: Option to disable vibrating on new messages

- Update: Added new icon for the Call/Text secondary tile

- Update: The account PIN is now hidden in settings

- Bug fix: Secondary tiles are working now on WP8

Users interested in taking advantage of this application’s features will need a Google Voice account. An application-specific password will be needed if the 2-step verification is activated on user’s Google account.

The MetroTalk app is available for purchase on this page in the Windows Phone Store at $1.49. However, a free trial is also available for those who would like to take it for a spin first.

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