MetroPCS and Ericsson Bring LTE to Dallas/Fort Worth

Mobile phone carrier MetroPCS and telecommunications solutions provider Ericsson have just announced the roll-out of a LTE network in the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area. MetroPCS' Long Term Evolution (LTE) network is expected to offer enhanced mobile broadband capabilities, and to power content-rich applications.

According to the duo, Ericsson was selected as primary supplier of infrastructure solutions for the wireless carrier, as well as for its 4G LTE networks.

“Ericsson's global experience and vision surrounding 4G LTE were significant reasons for selecting them as one of our key infrastructure partners,” Roger D. Linquist, president, CEO and chairman of the board of MetroPCS, commented.

“Our companies have worked closely to rapidly build and launch a high-quality 4G LTE network in the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area.

“As we continue to roll out 4G LTE networks in our remaining metropolitan areas in the remainder of 2010 and early 2011, we plan to leverage Ericsson's technology leadership to bring our customers an exciting mobile broadband experience,” he concluded.

MetroPCS subscribers in the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area should benefit from faster and more efficient transfers of data, video, or images, all in a cost-effective manner.

Moreover, the network is said to support MetroPCS' world-class cost structure and to offer support for advanced mobile broadband services.

Another aspect of the matter is that Ericsson came up with a custom rapid roll-out solution for the wireless carrier, offering it the possibility to reuse existing infrastructure in a substantial manner.

“Ericsson is proud to work with such a forward thinking company as MetroPCS as we bring our global leadership of LTE into North America,” said Angel Ruiz, president of Ericsson North America.

“With LTE, MetroPCS will be able to meet the rapidly growing demands of its customers for new and enhanced applications as we continue to evolve and expand the possibilities of mobile broadband.”

The full end-to-end LTE solution that Ericsson delivers to MetroPCS includes:

- RBS 6000 Base Station – supports LTE, Wideband CDMA (WCDMA), GSM and GPRS/EDGE.

- IP-RAN – for simplified network management and lower operating costs

- Evolved Packet Core – with Serving GPRS Support Node - Mobility Management Entity (SGSN-MME) and the Converged Packet Gateway (CPG) products.

- Network Services - LTE network design, optimization, engineering, implementation, integration and customer support services for the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area

Ericsson is one of the most active companies in the LTE field, and it estimates that it should hold about 25 percent of all essential patents for LTE.

The company deployed the first commercially available LTE networks in Norway and Sweden late last year and in early 2010.

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