“Metro” VLC for Windows 8 New Details Released

The app could be released in approximately three months

VLC developers have already confirmed that a dedicated version of their media player would arrive on Windows 8 anytime soon, but only little was known until now.

The project has now been published on Kickstarter, as developers need money to “allow experience core members of the VideoLAN team to work on this new port full-time,” as the group said.

Basically, VLC for Windows 8 will be designed to take full advantage of Microsoft’s new Modern GUI, while a second release will be aimed at Windows RT tablets, developers explained.

“The existing version runs on Windows 8’s desktop mode, and is available only for Intel-based PCs. This new port will be natively integrated within the new User Experience and will also support ARM-based tablets in a subsequent release.”

VLC for Windows 8 could bring support for DVDs and VCDs “out-of-the-box,” as well as support for unencrypted Blu-Ray discs. All the existing features will make their way into Windows 8, including video filters, subtitle support and an equalizer.

“We will pursue a fully-compliant app for submission to the Windows Store in order to reach as many users as possible, and to provide a consistent installation and update experience,” the developers said.

A prototype of the application has already been created, but the final product won’t arrive sooner than March 2013. The biggest challenge, however, remains the inclusion of VLC for Windows 8 in Microsoft’s Windows Store.

“While we think it is feasible, there is a significant number of forbidden API calls, so in theory, VLC for Windows 8 might not be applicable for the store. We will do our best to achieve a successful publication on the store, so side loading isn't needed,” they added.

If you wish to make a donation or to read more information on the Kickstarter program, click here to go the official page of the project.

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