Metro: Last Light’s Artyom Is Guilt Ridden, Has Chance of Redemption

The new game will once again force players to make tough choices

Huw Benyon, the head of communications at THQ, says that the upcoming Metro: Last Light will focus on the guilt that main character Artyom is feeling and the game will give him plenty of chances to redeem himself.

The executive told CVG that, “He has this huge burden of guilt upon him as he considers the ramifications of his actions, at the same time as being feted as a hero by the people of the Metro. His experiences have certainly colored his outlook and that's a theme that we'll be exploring through Metro Last Light.”

He also explained that Dmitri Glukhovsky, the writer who created Metro 2033, initially envisioned Artyom as a typical young American conscript thrown into a difficult war like Afghanistan or Vietnam without any training and moral preparation.

Benyon added, “He's driven by these two very conflicting philosophies, the initial mission that he's given by Hunter, that 'if it's hostile you kill it' an absolutely singular purpose and strength of will, that's the way we deal with our problems.”

Metro: Last Light picks up the story after the events of the first game and takes players to the surface of the post-apocalyptic universe.

4A Games wants to create a more immersive experience, which retains the unique features of the first Metro title while giving the player more options when it comes to his survival and how he affects the game world.

Artyom will also have to deal with much bigger moral choices as he explores the expanded game world.

Metro: Last Light was initially set to arrive during the fall of this year, but publisher THQ now says that it will be launched on home consoles as well as the PC in March 2013.

A version for the Wii U is not currently planned by the 4A Games development team.

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