Metro: Last Light on PlayStation 4 Isn't in Development, Publisher Says

Fans shouldn't expect the game at the console's launch

Deep Silver, the publisher of the upcoming Metro: Last Light game, has confirmed that developer 4A Games wants to bring the game to the PlayStation 4, but that the project is still in the idea phase, so it can't say anything concrete just yet.

Metro: Last Light is set to appear next month on the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 platforms as a sequel to the flawed – but still popular – Metro 2033.

We have already heard plenty of details, and now that Deep Silver has taken over from THQ as publisher, developer 4A Games can spend more time on the new game.

The studio confirmed yesterday a variety of interesting details about Last Light, including the fact that it will get five DLC packs, and that a PlayStation 4 version could appear.

Now, a representative of publisher Deep Silver has made a statement to Joystiq, confirming that 4A Games is still investigating how feasible a PlayStation 4 version of Metro: Last Light could be.

"It is no secret that 4A Games do want to release an SDK for Metro, finish the extremely promising multiplayer component and release this in some form, and investigate a PlayStation 4 version provided it makes commercial sense," the representative said.

As of yet, however, the studio is focusing on Metro: Last Light for the PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 platforms, so work hasn't even begun on a next-generation edition.

"Although no development has started on any next-gen console versions [of Metro: Last Light]. We have confirmed these hopes and ideas plenty of times before," he added.

"However, all these ideas are just ideas at the moment. It will be some time before we can officially commit to any of these projects or suggest when they might materialize. They genuinely might all happen, but equally none of them might happen. Anyone expecting Metro: Last Light as a PS4 launch game is probably going to be disappointed."

4A Games will release Last Light next month, followed by lots of DLC and perhaps a standalone release of the multiplayer mode.

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