Metro: Last Light Multiplayer Put on Hold As Dev Focuses on Story

4A Games has decided to unite its teams and work on the single-player campaign

Metro: Last Light developer 4A Games has confirmed that it's decided to put the multiplayer mode previously announced for the game on hold, so that its whole team can focus on the single-player campaign.

Metro: Last Light continues the haunting story of its predecessor, Metro 2033, and is supposed to offer not just a brand new story but also a multiplayer experience.

Sadly, this won't happen at least until after the game's launch, as 4A Games has confirmed that Last Light's multiplayer has been put on hold so that the whole team can focus on making the single-player campaign a decent experience.

"Throughout the development of Metro: Last Light a small, dedicated team had been working on a number of multiplayer prototypes. After E3, we decided to fold this multiplayer team back into the main group and focus 100% of the studio’s resources on the single player campaign. As a result, Metro: Last Light will not ship with a multiplayer component."

While 4A acknowledges interest in the multiplayer mode, the studio wants first to deliver a great single-player experience and then worry about an online one.

"Your response to our E3 demo made it very clear that although there was a lot of interest and intrigue around Metro’s multiplayer, the single player campaign is what the fanbase cares about the most."

"Right now we’re 100% focused on the single player campaign and not thinking beyond that. We don’t like throwing away work though, it’s a project we could potentially return to after Metro: Last Light ships."

Metro: Last Light is still on track to be released in early 2013 and this decision to combine the teams will help it achieve this goal, according to 4A, so look forward to hearing more about the shooter soon enough.

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