Metro: Last Light Lost No Development Time After THQ Demise, Says Developer

Deep Silver postponed the game to give 4A Games time to settle in

Despite the move from failing THQ to new publisher Deep Silver, the team at 4A Games has lost very little development time on Metro: Last Light and the new May launch date reflects the changed development process that a new business relationship entails.

Huw Beynon, the global brand manager at Deep Silver, tells VG247 that, “We’ve not lost too much time on the development of the game, and it’s essentially going to be the same product we planned to release in March.”

4A Games has been involved with Metro: Last Light since the game was first announced and the move to Deep Silver meant that the team had all the resources it needed to complete the project.

The manager adds that, “We’re just really excited it’s not been too traumatic for the studio, and I am confident that when the game comes out it’s going to be great. I’m just really glad we can be showing it again and hopefully reassure people it’s coming soon.”

Metro: Last Light is a sequel that once again follows Artyom as he explores the treacherous Moscow underground and surface after an apocalyptic event.

The game is designed to offer a more open experience, with deeper combat sequences and an extra element of horror.

The players will have to deal with a new cast of characters and with new monstrous creatures.

The first Metro was widely praised for its atmosphere and the unique bullet trading mechanic, both of which will return in Last Light.

Metro: Last Light is set to launch on May 14 in North America and three days later in Europe and can be played on the PC, the PlayStation 3 from Sony and the Xbox 360 from Microsoft.

Original game publisher THQ went bankrupt earlier in the year and its biggest video game assets were auctioned off.

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