Metro: Last Light Has New Mechanics to Reflect Artyom's Progression

Players will still feel vulnerable in front of the game's many dangers

Metro: Last Light, the upcoming sequel for Metro 2033, will feature a variety of new gameplay mechanics that not only add more depth to the title but also reflect the protagonist’s progression, Artyom, in terms of survival skills.

Metro: Last Light is out next year and developer 4A Games is working hard on completing its single-player campaign after halting efforts to make a multiplayer mode for the first-person shooter.

We already saw the game in action and heard quite a few details about 4A's ambitious title, which continues the story of Artyom from the first Metro game.

According to THQ's Huw Benyon, the global head of communications for the publisher of Metro: Last Light, players will encounter not just a more evolved game but also an evolved version of Artyom.

"Obviously the mask mechanic is something we showed at E3," Benyon told CVG about new gameplay mechanics.

"It might seem like a small thing, but it's another player-controlled action that adds another layer to the whole survival experience outside. We've really overhauled our weapon handling and weapon management system in a variety of ways and part of that is to support Artyom's evolution as a character."

While Artyom's skills are more evolved, he's still quite vulnerable and the game will make players feel threatened during the story.

"He's obviously been amongst the troop of rangers now and he's a little more competent as a protagonist. At the same time we really want to keep that vulnerability and that sense of threat that's so important for the game. So I don't think in any sense he's going to feel overpowered but he's just a little bit more competent in what he can do. So we've expanded his range of actions and the intuitiveness of the controls."

Metro: Last Light is out sometime next year and will appear on the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 platforms.

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