Meteorite Falls in Russia's Chelyabinsk Region - Video

The crash allegedly caused several explosions, forced authorities to evacuate locals

Recent news from Russia says that, early on Friday morning, a meteorite allegedly crashed in the country's Chelyabinsk region.

While some maintain that only one such piece of solid debris fell in this region, others claim that Russia actually experienced being hit by several meteorites.

According to Gawker, the country is supposed to have been hit by just one meteorite, which has been intercepted by Russian military forces and broken down into bits and pieces presumed by some to be distinct and self-standing meteorites.

Information made available to the general public thus far says that, when hitting the Chelyabinsk region, the meteorite parts caused major explosions that have affected several buildings located in the proximity of the impacted locations.

Thus, windows have reportedly been broken and several people have been injured by the glass shards that have gone flying through the air.

However, given the fact that the Chelyabinsk region is not a densely populated one, it seems that not all that many individuals have been affected by this meteorite crash.

Despite the fact that some of these people have required medical attention following their being hit by the glass shards or simply shaken up by the explosions that accompanied the meteorite fall, no deaths have been reported.

The same source informs us that, in the aftermath of this meteorite crash, local authorities have been left with no choice except evacuate the schools and the buildings found in the affected area.

Huffington Post quotes a Twitter post written by a woman allegedly living in the area, i.e. Bukreeva Olga, which reads as follows:

“My windows were not smashed, but I first thought that my house is being dismantled, then I thought it was a UFO, and my eventual thought was an earthquake.”

Apparently, this woman is not alone in believing that the meteorite fall was actually a UFO crash, and that this is precisely why information concerning this incident is, for the time being at least, rather difficult to come by.

The video below allegedly shows the meteorite fall. Just for the record, its authenticity is yet to be confirmed. Hopefully, more news on this topic will soon follow.

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