Meteor Fragments Found in Russia's Chebarkul Lake

Tests reportedly prove that the fragments found by researchers come from outer space

Only last week, the news that Russia's Chelyabinsk region was hit by a meteor took the online community by storm.

Some meteor fragments recently found in this part of the country prove that Russia was really hit by something from outer space, and not by something made by humans, as one Russian politician claimed at one point.

The meteor fragments were reportedly found in Russia's Chebarkul Lake. By the looks of it, the people who found them were not run-off-the-mill meteorite collectors, but researchers working with the country's Academy of Sciences.

Therefore, their claims that the fragments they have managed to find in said location do in fact come from outer space are most likely true to facts.

International Business Times reports that, as a result of the meteor's exploding several kilometers above the surface of the earth, several alien bits and pieces pretty much went haywire and ended up falling across a relatively wide area in the Ural Mountains.

At the time of the incident, people living fairly close to the Chebarkul Lake did not shy away from stating that some meteor fragments had made their way into these frozen waters.

However, it took a while for the researchers to search the lake and try to figure out whether or not there was any truth to these claims.

Apparently, divers first took to exploring Lake Chebarkul this past Saturday. Still, the news that they did in fact manage to bring some meteor fragments to its surface only hit the media community this Monday.

“We confirm that the particles of a substance found by our expedition near Lake Chebarkul really do have the composition of a meteorite,” argued Viktor Grokhovsky, one of the members of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

According to the same source, Viktor Grokhovsky also said that the meteorite fragments recovered from Lake Chebarkul were made up of metallic iron, chrysolite and sulfite.

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