Mercedes-Benz In-Car Android Tablet System Leaks in Job Ad

The job is looking for a person to integrate “Google Projected Mode”

According to a recent job ad, Mercedes-Benz is scouting the world in search of software engineers who will be put in charge of developing their upcoming “Google Projected Mode” that will be implemented in the company's cars.

Lately, we have been hearing more and more car-manufacturers talk about implementing tablets for car systems. Back in January, Mercedes-Benz showed its C-Class Sedan come equipped with an iPad-like which boasted a touchpad technology pioneered by the iPhone.

The German website, Daimler (parent company of Mercedes-Benz) has posted a new job ad, looking for a software engineer that will help integrate Google’s new in-car mode to their offerings.

The “Google Projected Mode” translates into a smartphone being connected to a simplified Android UI mounted on a touchscreen located in the head unit. Mercedes-Benz is adhering to the trend, where most car companies are replacing their traditional analogue instrumental panel with digital screens, more reminiscent of tablets.

The ad goes on to reveal the “Google Projected Mode” will allow users to stream media, receive messages or calls, right there on the touch screen. There’s no indication of how these features will actually be achieved, but one might guess a Bluetooth connection will solve the problem.

Using these functions will probably be done via buttons on the steering wheel or voice commands. Regardless it’s pretty similar to the new “iOS in the car” system which has been showed off in Ferrari models recently.

Curiously enough, Mercedes-Benz is not part of Google’s “Open Automative Alliance,” a joint effort between Google and Audi, GM, Hyundai, Honda and NVIDIA to push Android in cars, but this aspect doesn't seem to be stopping the car-maker.

Google Projected Mode leaked in a job ad
Google Projected Mode leaked in a job ad

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