Menace of the Underdark for Dungeons & Dragons Online Arrives on June 25

Gamers have three distinct packages to choose from

The development teams at Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Turbine and Wizards of the Coast have announced that they will launch the Menace of the Underdark expansion for Dungeons & Dragons Online on June 25 of this year.

The companies offer a variety of packages for those interested in the new content, with each fan of the Dungeon & Dragons game universe able to choose the edition they like best.

The Base Edition for Menace of the Underdark sells for 29.99 dollars or 24.99 Euro. It offers access to the new Adventure Packs (King’s Forest, The Underdark and The Demonweb) and to the new Epic Destinies for high level characters, while also getting players a Lesser Tome of Learning and a Demonweb spiderling creature companion for those who pre-order.

The Standard Edition sells for 49.99 dollars and 44.99 Euro and offers the same Destinies and Adventure packs, while also including access to the new Druid class and the Evening Star Challenge Pack, with bonuses like the Greater Tome of Learning, 1,000 Turbine Points, a Classic Adventure pack bundle and veteran status.

Those willing to get the expansion right now also get the spiderling creature, another wolf pup companion and a Spider Cult cosmetic helmet.

Those willing to part with 79.99 dollars or 69.99 Euro can get the Collector’s Edition for Menace of the Underdark and will get all the content of the other editions while also granting players access to another Epic Classics Adventure Pack, veteran status up to level 7, 2,000 Turbine Points and one Lesser Tome of Learning for all started characters.

The pre-order bonuses include an Elite Spider Cult helmet and the Onyx Panther cub companion.

Fernando Paiz, the executive producer of the game at developer Turbine, stated, “The journey to the Forgotten Realms begins today. Today we introduced the Web of Chaos content update that serves as the prologue to our first foray into the Underdark which makes it a perfect time to introduce our pre-purchase program which offers very cool items that players will be able to use immediately as they prepare for the launch of Menace of the Underdark on June 25th.”

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