Men Eating Meat Enhance Their Sense of Manhood, Study Reveals

Vegetarian men are perceived as less manly than the ones who eat meat

A study conducted by researchers at Bellarmine University in Louisville, Kentucky shows that men's belief about eating meat being a sign of stronger manhood has a scientific basis.

They have been hunters at their origins and it seems like no millenniums of civilization can't erase that from their genes.

Professor Hank Rothgerber, who led the study, declared that men correlate meat eating with “manhood, power, and virility,” the Daily Mail reports.

“There is a group of manly men who swear off what they call chick food, and they seek a double whopper to declare their manhood,” Prof Rothgerber said.

“Meat consumption is a symbol of patriarchy resulting from its long-held alliance with manhood, power, and virility.”

The experiment implied the questioning of 125 psychology students and has led to the conclusion that men are much more open to meat eating than women.

“Men expressed more favorable attitudes toward eating meat, denied animal suffering, believed that animals were lower in a hierarchy than humans, provided religious and health justifications for consuming animals, and believed that it was human destiny to eat meat,” explained Prof Rothgerber.

“These are direct, unapologetic strategies that embrace eating meat and justify the practice,” he went on saying.

Bellarmine University's scientists research is not a singular one in this field.

A previous study conducted by experts at the University of British Columbia on vegetarians, has proven that women perceive vegetarian men as less manly than the ones that do eat meat.

Talking about the stimulus that determined the study to be started, Prof Rothgerber explained that it was not fully understandable why today's men were so fond of meat-based nurture when its disadvantages for the health and the environment were so well known.

“There’s a growing awareness that it’s not great to eat meat, but still, people are doing it,” he said.

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