Memory Prices Jump 10%, Growth Will Continue Through February 2013

4 GB modules are selling at $17.50 on average, after little over two weeks

2012 was the year of very cheap computer and consumer electronics memory, as was 2011 to a lesser extent. 2013 won't be the same though.

After the death of some rather high-profile memory makers, and the withdrawal of others, supply is much more controlled.

This has eliminated the sharp imbalance between supply and demand, which is why prices have begun to rebound.

In fact, compared to December 2012, RAM prices are about 10% higher, after just half a month, according to DRAMeXchange.

4 GB modules are selling for $17.25 / 12.95 Euro, while 2 GB modules are priced at $9.75 / 6.94 Euro.

Makers of RAM form Japan and Taiwan continue to reduce their production of PC DRAM even now, but they are making more and more chips for non-PC devices.

At this rate, the price rise should continue until February, maybe even beyond.

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