Memory Prices Back on the Rise

DRAM prices rebound, although it isn't likely to last

It wasn't so long ago that we reported on yet another memory maker quitting the DRAM market because of how bad things were getting. On the other hand, we also noted that RAM and NAND Flash chips were rising in price again.

A new report is confirming that random access memory chips are experiencing a price rebound.

No doubt, holiday shopping is mostly to blame for this, which is also why there aren't very high odds of this new trend lasting more than a month.

2Gb DDR3 chips are selling for around $0.94 / 0.71 Euro, which is 14.6% more than last month.

Contract prices are set to rise a bit more, according to sources from module and chip manufacturers.

Consumers shouldn't feel too worried though. Even if prices do go back up, RAM will still stay very cheap for a while.

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