Meld 3.11.2 Diff and Merge Tool for GNOME Has Been Released

The brand-new development release brings resizable file and folder comparison panes

Meld, an open-source file/folder diff and merge graphical software designed for the GNOME desktop environment, has reached version 3.11.2. This is a development release geared towards Meld 3.12 and includes a couple of new features, updated translations and many bugfixes.

Meld 3.11.2 is the third development release for the upcoming Meld 3.12 application. Thanks to Marco Brito, it introduces resizable file and folder comparison panes, as well as scrolling support between chunks in the folder comparison component when the mouse wheel is used on the link map.

Among the bugs fixed in this unstable Meld release, we can mention that spurious actions for equal chunks are no longer drawn, the default sourceview behaviour for the Alt+Left or Alt+Right keyboard combinations has been removed, and the storing translated column names now work correctly in configuration.

Furthermore, Unicode paths are now displayed correctly in the repositories and are correctly handled in recent files store. The behavior of the “Open External” action has been improved to handle spaces in filenames when using the custom editor option. Also, support for custom installation prefixes has been improved.

Several issues have been fixed for multiple windows in single-instance handling, including relative paths corresponding to the right instance, command-line errors exit correctly in the calling instance, the right window is now raised for new windows in the same instance, and windows are no longer created in the original instance of the application when the calling instance outputs errors.

Last but not least, the German, Spanish, Finnish, Czech, Slovenian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese and Russian translations have been updated. For more details about the Meld 3.11.2 development release, do not hesitate to visit the official changelog.

The development team would like to thank to Kai Willadsen for most of the aforementioned improvements and bugfixes, as well as to Benjamin Steinwender, Daniel Mustieles, Lasse Liehu, Marek Černocký, Matej Urbani, Piotr Drąg, Rafael Ferreira and Yuri Myasoedov for the translations.

The source archive of Meld 3.11.2 is now available for download on Softpedia. However, please note that this is an unstable software that still contains unresolved issues and it should not be installed on production machines, as it’s intended for testing purposes only.

Stay tuned on Softpedia, as more information regarding the final release of the Meld 3.12 diff and merge application will surely be available before the official release of the GNOME 3.14 desktop environment on September 24, 2014.

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