Meld 3.11.0 Has Been Ported to GTK+ 3

The software now features GNOME 3-style application menu

Kai Willadsen had the pleasure of announcing today, February 23, that the Meld visual diff and merge tool reached version 3.11.0, a release that includes many new features and improvements.

First of all, Meld 3.11.0 has become a single-instance application; it supports multiple windows, GNOME 3-style application menus, hiding empty filtered folders in folder comparison, and sends a notification every time a file changes externally during comparison tasks.

Second of all, we need to mention that Meld 3.11.0 has been finally ported to GTK+ 3, as well as to the GObject introspection, GSettings, GApplication, and other new GNOME technologies. On top of that, the application now uses distutils, CSS for color and styling definitions, modern GTK widgets, themeable icons, and glade/UI files.

Furthermore, this release uses the standard GIO file trash handling when deleting files, includes a brand new Mallard-based help, improves several icons, updates the color scheme, updates many visual styles, tweaks the layout, and polishes the user interface.

Among some of the bugs that were fixed in Meld 3.11.0, we can mention better rendering speed in file comparisons, improved version control support, Sundry bugs, Windows crashes, and copy/paste issues within a buffer.

Last but not least, many translations have been updated in this development release of Meld, including Czech, Hungarian, German, Finnish, Turkish, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Slovenian, Serbian, Serbian Latin, Galician, Spanish, Greek, Indonesian, and Simplified Chiese.

Meld 3.11.0 is a development release and it is intended for testing purposes only. It requires GTK+ 3.6, GLib 2.34, PyGObject 3.8, and GtkSourceView 3.6. However, please keep in mind that GtkSourceView is no longer optional. More details can be found in the official release announcement.

Download the Meld 3.11.0 sources right now from Softpedia.

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