Meld 1.7.3 Brings Minor UI Improvements and New Features

This stable release of Meld also includes bugfixes and updated translations

The Meld developers were proud to announce a few days ago the immediate availability for download of Meld 1.7.3, a visual merge and diff utility targeted at developers.

Featuring a handful of new features, minor UI (User Interface) improvements, bug fixes and updated translations, Meld 1.7.3 is a maintenance release that makes the application more reliable and stable than ever.

Meld 1.7.3 adds support for launching conflict comparisons from Subversion (SVN), support for opening files at a specified line number via the external text editor, and a new Push action for VC modules.

The commit dialog has been revamped, which now includes more details about the committed files, as well as more useful previous-log selection. Moreover, the sensitivity handling support in VC comparisons has been improved, and the console output for VC comparisons is better formatted, so you can distinguish output, errors and commands.

Meld 1.7.3 also features various minor improvements to the User Interface (UI), such as HIG-ification and better wording for actions, labels and dialogs, user-resizable columns in folder comparisons and version control, a Save All action, and the F5 keyboard shorcut for the Refresh action.

The ability to continue the comparison on long inline-highlighting comparisons, and the Reload action has been renamed to Revert, which now has an improved UI for file comparisons.

Among the bugs repaired in Meld 1.7.3, we can mention several version control updates and miscellaneous fixes, file contents and extension are now used when guessing file types for syntax highlighting, and Previus/Next Change navigation buttons now centers changes a bit more aggressively.

Last but not least, the following translations have been updated in Meld 1.7.3: Spanish, Hungarian, Japanese, Czech, Slovenian, Catalan, Polish, Portuguese Brazilian, Serbian, Serbian Latin, and Basque. More details can be found in the official raw changelog.

Download Meld 1.7.3 right now from Softpedia.

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