Melbourne IT Blog Hacked and Defaced by Syrian Electronic Army

The attack comes just hours after the websites of Twitter and NYT were disrupted

The Syrian Electronic Army appears to still have access to the systems of Australian web hosting and domain registration company Melbourne IT. 

After altering DNS records to disrupt the domains of Twitter, The New York Times, and The Huffington Post, the hackers have defaced Melbourne IT’s blog ( to show that they still have access to the company’s servers.

“Hacked by SEA, Your servers security is very weak,” the hackers wrote on the defaced page.

After the initial breach, the Internet company’s representatives revealed that the attackers had used credentials stolen from a US-based reseller to access their systems.

The firm said it was looking into the incident, but it’s clear that the hackers still have some backdoors planted on their servers.

At the time of writing, Melbourne IT’s blog still displays the Syrian Electronic Army’s message.

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