Mel Gibson’s Dad Officially Divorced at 94

Hutton Gibson is now a free man, as divorce becomes final

Mel Gibson’s father, Hutton Gibson, is officially and legally a free man. At 94 years old, Hutton is divorced from his wife of 11 years, Teddy Joye Hicks, TMZ has learned.

Moreover, she gets to keep most of the money, so the divorce arrangement was definitely favorable for her.

“The divorce was finalized Wednesday – and according to the court docs, 78-year-old Teddy Joye Hicks has over $640,000 [€485,400] in cash and savings as separate property. And she gets to keep the Lincoln Town Car,” TMZ reports.

“Teddy Joye's fortune dwarfs Hutton's, who takes away a paltry $22,595 [€17,136] – but with a son like Mel who pays his dad's bills, Hutton's still got it made. The former couple had $22,000 [€16,685] in community property – which they'll split 50/50,” the report further mentions.

Considering the kind of media attention Mel Gibson usually gets and the circumstances in which his father decided to get a divorce, it’s almost surprising that his case did not make more headlines than it did.

Hutton and Teddy split in May last year, and reports said that Mel believed (and even confronted) Teddy was trying to cut off her husband’s medication in the hope that he would die sooner and she would get to inherit everything.

Then, in July, Teddy got a restraining order against the actor / director, saying that at least on a couple of occasions, he had become physically aggressive and threatened bodily harm, as we also reported at the time.

However, it wasn’t just Mel who believed that she was trying to intentionally harm Hutton by switching treatments and having him off his meds: the star’s sister also intervened and advised her father to seek a legal separation.

In fact, word has it, the entire family was worried sick that Teddy was deliberately and slowly killing Hutton.

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