Mel Gibson Is Surprisingly Ripped for “The Expendables 3” – Photo

Star will play villain in upcoming action flick, shows off impressive “guns” in LA

Mel Gibson has been confirmed as the villain for “The Expendables 3” and, by the looks of it, he’s determined to do his best to become the character. Check out the photo above to see how insanely ripped he’s gotten.

If you think about it, it makes sense for him to hit the gym in preparation for the role: after all, he’ll be going up against Sylvester Stallone and he has to be believable while at it.

The photo was snapped over the weekend, as Gibson was leaving an LA gym. He’s yet to start shooting for the film, so paparazzi agencies assume he’s training intensively to bulk up.

His impressive “guns” are proof of that.

Yesterday, the full cast and plot synopsis for the film were made public. Bruce Willis will no longer be a part of the franchise.

The threequel hits theaters in August 2014.

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