Meggings, Male Tights, Are the Newest in Fashion Trends for Men

Tights for men have proved a hit in New York, and are being debuted in Britain

Meggings, or male leggings, are sweeping the fashion world, and celebrities are setting the tone. It used to be that only men in ballets or musical productions of Robin Hood would wear tights, but, this winter, male tights have a chance of going mainstream.

Uniqlo, Barneys and Nordstrom are apparently already selling the product in New York. The Uniqlo company also plans to premiere them in Britain.

To be honest, they look very good, but only if you have an athletic physique. Some object to them not being practical, as they don't have any pockets.

According to the Telegraph, Russell Brand, Justin Bieber and even trendsetter Lenny Kravitz are already wearing them. Would you? Leave your take on the meggings in the comment section below.

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