Megaupload Blames U.S. Government for Data Massacre

They're also trying to save the remaining servers hosted by Carpathis Hosting

Megaupload is trying to save the remaining 1,103 servers that are stored at Carpathia Hosting after it lost all servers from LeaseWeb last month, which deleted them without warning.

Megaupload has asked the U.S. District Court to renew negotiations over the preservation of all servers that remain stored at Carpathis Hosting so they don’t suffer the same fate as the ones that got deleted, TorrentFreak reports.

According to the company, the destruction of the LeaseWeb servers is a direct result of the U.S. Government’s failure to act.

This has led to petabytes of user data and backups, mostly from European users, but it has also damaged its case in court.

“While LeaseWeb’s deletion of relevant evidence in the face of explicit preservation requests is inexcusable, the United States is equally culpable. The Government was plainly on notice of the need to preserve the LeaseWeb servers," the company's letter to court says.

According to Megaupload, the authorities failed to reach an agreement to preserve the servers and refused to unfreeze some of its funds to cover the storage costs.

“The destruction of the LeaseWeb servers demonstrates the urgent need to reach a workable solution for data preservation as soon as possible, lest the 1,103 servers currently in Carpathia Hosting’s possession meet the same fate. We therefore respectfully urge the Court to reconvene the interested stakeholders and renew negotiations as quickly as the Courts schedule permits,” the company said.

Megaupload previously reached an agreement with Carpathia Hosting to buy all servers it used for $1 million (€770,000), but the US government said it did not trust the company with all the data and would rather see it deleted.

In the past few months, the case against Megaupload has stalled and a decision has not been made regarding the company’s motion to dismiss the indictment and to return the remaining user data.

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