Megan Fox Sizzles for New Armani Ads

Actress fills in Beckham’s shoes just perfectly

She may not have reaped too many praises for her acting performances in 2009 – quite on the contrary, as she was named by moviegoers the worst actress of the year that passed – but she can certainly look good no matter what. The latest ads for Armani Underwear and Jeans are out and, as The Sun can confirm, they’re sizzling hot.

Some of the photos, that will soon be plastered on huge billboards all over the world, just like it happened with those with the Beckham couple (both Victoria and David modeled for the Armani Underwear), are for the Underwear line, while the rest are part of the Armani Jeans campaign. All have in common being black and white, with Megan looking incredibly stunning with very little makeup and, of course, very little clothes.

According to the fashion designer himself, Fox was the ideal choice for the new campaign and that doesn’t even take into account the hype she can generate without as much as moving a finger. “Megan is young and has a lot of spirit. Emporio Armani Underwear and Armani Jeans are all about a youthful attitude making her the perfect choice for the collections,” he said when the official announcement of the collaboration was made.

Fans will know that Fox came to replace Victoria Beckham in the upcoming campaign after they separately announced they were no longer in a position to endorse the brand. Victoria, for one, is reportedly looking to pursue her own fashion endeavors, which means she no longer has the time to do promotional tours for Armani like she did in the past. So, when she backed out, the fashion house turned and looked for the hottest star of the moment: and that person happens to be Megan Fox.

The men’s line for Armani will be modeled by another football star, Cristiano Ronaldo. It is believed the brand was looking for something different after so many years of working exclusively with David.

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