Megan Fox Practically Begged for Her Role on “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”

Michael Bay would have never taken her back had she not apologized profusely

Almost a week ago, confirmation came that Michael Bay had offered Megan Fox a role on his latest film, the much talked about “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” even though he was the one who fired her from “Transformers” after she shot her mouth off to the press.

Radar Online has now learned how this surprise reconciliation came to happen.

According to sources close to the situation, it was Megan who made the first step towards it even if, in her mind, she still thought she had done nothing wrong by comparing Bay to Hitler or Napoleon in several interviews.

However, the spy says, she realized that, without Bay, she didn’t really have too many places to go in her career. In other words, she expected it to take off when she was out of “Transformers” but the contrary happened, so she was stuck.

“Since Transformers, she hasn’t been getting the leading lady roles she had hoped for and Megan was starting to get concerned that it was because of what she said about Michael,” the insider explains.

“So, she swallowed her pride, picked up the phone and spoke with him to clear the air and apologize. She told him how thankful she was to have been casted by him in the first place, and that she was totally out of line to say what she said,” adds the source.

“In the end she realized that Michael may be a hard taskmaster, but he does it purely to get the best out of his actors on set. Michael said he had a role she would be perfect for and was willing to forgive and forget the incident because he’s a big fan of hers,” the insider concludes.

If Megan’s profile took a hit after she was fired from “Transformers,” it wasn’t because people thought that what she said about Bay wasn’t true, but rather because she was so unprofessional as to badmouth the director she was still working for and who, truth be told, had made her into the superstar she was.

Now that she’s apologized, she will be playing April O’Neil in “TMNT.”

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