Megan Fox Isn’t Dumb, She’s Sarcastic

Star says she’s always misunderstood in interviews, insists she’s really funny

Megan Fox is still on self-imposed exile after giving birth to her first child, but she’s finally allowing fans a bit into her life with a new interview with the LA Times, to promote the comedy “This Is Forty.”

Among other things, Megan talks about working with Michael Bay, the director who helped launch her career with the “Transformers” movies, and how she’s always misinterpreted in the media.

If fans remember, back when she was still on the “Transformers” franchise, Megan’s interviews would almost immediately go viral because some of the things she said.

She always came across as “dense” (her own words), “dumb” (the industry’s words) and arrogant.

On the contrary, she says now, she was just being sarcastic. To this day, Megan is shocked that people still don’t get it that she’s really, really funny.

“It’s weird to me that people haven’t picked up on it yet that I have a sense of humor. When you read my interviews from start to finish, it’s pretty obvious that there’s a lot of sarcasm,” Fox says.

“The things that get chosen in sound bites, that run and seem literal and sound like they’re very shocking, they were usually jokes, but people for whatever reason can’t accept the idea that I could possibly have been joking,” the actress adds.

In the same interview, Megan talks about Michael Bay and how working with him was and, for a change, actually manages to say something nice.

For a bit of context: the reason Megan was replaced in “Transformers” by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (a model by profession) was because she compared Bay to Hitler and would always complain about how she was being overworked and generally exploited.

This got her under serious fire both from Bay and from the entire “Transformers” staff.

“Bay will yell out things for you to do with your hair or body or whatever. He yells out instructions while you’re in the middle of the scene. Those are supposed to be more serious moments,” Megan says of how the director handles improve.

“It’s sort of difficult to be in the middle of a scene when someone yells, like, ‘Say, ‘No Bumblebee, we have to get Optimus to the Dagger’s Tip now!’’ and you’re like, ‘Ah … let me think about it first, it’s not gonna come out of my mouth the right way’,” the star adds.

Megan Fox’s full interview is here.

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