Megan Fox Is Worst Choice for April O’Neil in “TMNT,” Says Peter Laird

Even Michael Bay could have done better, co-creator writes on his blog

“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” co-creator Peter Laird has been vocal from the start against Michael Bay’s “TMNT” movie. Now, he’s turning his attention towards Megan Fox, who has been cast as April O’Neil.

Considering that Fox’s entire reputation is built mostly on the two “Transformers” films she did with Bay before she was fired for being unprofessional, Laird doesn’t see this new collaboration going anywhere.

“My only exposure to Megan Fox as an actress is through her role in two ‘Transformers’ movies and the wretched (but happily forgettable) ‘Jennifer’s Body’,” he writes on his blog.

“It may not be fair to judge her range of acting skills just from those three movies, but I think it is safe to say that there are probably hundreds of better choices for the role of April O’Neil. Of course, her name has promotional value, and maybe that’s what they want. Who knows? I can’t get myself too worked up about it,” Laird adds.

He’s not the only one to think this way: fans too are equally displeased that Bay is working on the “TMNT” film and even more so now that he’s brought Megan along, because they believe they will turn it into another “Transformers.”

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