Mega Walks in Megaupload's Footsteps, Overtakes RapidShare

Mega has already reached half the number of files once stored on Megaupload

Many things can be said about Kim Dotcom, but not that his projects are unsuccessful (unless you consider his music). Eight months after its launch, Mega has already reached about half of Megaupload’s number of files stored.

The site has grown rapidly over the past eight months, so fast that it has already overtaken RapidShare, one of its main competitors in the file-hosting business.

“In just eight months we grew Mega into a top 1,000 site. Users love our privacy features, ease of use, plus generous freemium and transfer speeds. We grow faster every week and are constantly investing to satisfy capacity demands,” Dotcom told TorrentFreak.

It was only last week that Mega actually won an award for its privacy features in Australia.

“Mega will shortly release its iOS app and synching software. Mega is winning awards for our unbroken security and privacy but we want more: Encrypted messaging, voice & video calling and email. I won’t be satisfied until the NSA is drowning in useless data salad,” Dotcom said.

According to the Internet tycoon, Mega has reached some 20 percent of Megaupload’s bandwidth utilization and 50 percent of files stored. The service is the largest outbound traffic customer of Telecom NZ and pushes 1.5 times more bandwidth than New Zealand.

Dotcom has resigned from the position of company director earlier this month so he can have time for other projects. However, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about the project anymore or that he’s completely uninterested in what goes on in the company.

And while he’s working on a new political party and a music service called Baboom, Dotcom inquires about the latest progress on a daily basis, claiming that he wants to make it another top 100 site.

“The Internet made me who I am and my gratitude is reflected in my products,” he said.

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