Mega Appoints Full Time CEO, Boasts About 2.5 Million Users

Mega is entering a more stable phase of development

Mega is only a couple of weeks old, but is already boasting quite a few users. It's also boasting a new, full-time CEO with the addition of Vikram Kumar. The company was headed by Tony Lentino, who's also one of Mega's biggest investors.

Kumar comes after a stint at InternetNZ, a non-profit organization aimed at promoting an open internet in New Zealand.

He has already been spending some time with the company, getting to see how it all works before he accepted the job.

The move doesn't mean anything for Mega in the short term, but it does mean that the company is now on track after its fast and tumultuous genesis over the course of a few months.

"Since launch just over two weeks ago, the company has had some stellar successes, with over two million subscribers joining I look forward to building on this initial success to develop MEGA into a significant company on the international Internet stage," Kumar wrote.

It is interesting though that Dotcom is able to bring in people with a track record of working for internet freedom and openness.

While that's all that Dotcom has been talking about in recent months, he wasn't that much of a supporter of an open internet and fair rules when MegaUpload was running smoothly.

In fact, he doesn't seem much of a supporter of openness even now, Mega recently deleted any file that ended up on the unofficial Mega Search site, legitimate or not, and wasn't too apologetic about it.

Mega also took the opportunity to boast that it has 2.5 million registered users. For Mega though, registered users doesn't mean much, the company had plenty of publicity at launch and plenty of people were curious to check it out. Whether they stuck around after their curiosity was satisfied is another matter.

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