Meet the World’s Most Gorgeous Hipster Model and Viral Star, Ben Dahlhaus

We need to talk about Ben and his incredible good looks – and perfect hair

Walking down the street, did you notice more guys are sporting big, shaggy, totally hipster yet so absolutely irresistible beards? Fashionistas are calling this the return of the man’s man model, where the industry is again turning towards less waiflike figures, towards what are considered more “manly” features like facial hair, muscles, impressive physiques.

Until not long ago, male models tended to be thin, lean, and delicate, to the point where, with a bit more styling and a change of clothes, they could easily pass for young women.

There is a new trend now, and it’s all about burly men who look as if they could protect you just as well from the coldest winter storm and a dangerous grizzly bear attacking you out of the blue – and all with minimal effort, while looking chic in the latest suits from Armani and the like. “The man” is back in modeling.

Even if your answer to the question above is in the negative, we still need to talk about Ben Dahlhaus. He might not be a huge star yet, but he’s probably the most gorgeous hipster model ever to walk the face of earth or, at the very least, that’s how he comes across in photos by Esra Sam Photography.

Ben is not an internationally known model just yet but our money’s on that he will become that in a matter of weeks, especially now that he’s become a viral star. After all, if a convict on trial for street terrorism can become a household name thanks to his mugshot going viral (Jeremy Meeks, here’s looking at you), Ben deserves an equal chance as well.

And don’t mind us saying that he’s even more handsome than Jeremy, even if we do accept that this statement is entirely a matter of taste.

Ben has light blue eyes, a glorious hipster beard, and long, blondish hair that must keep even Jared Leto up at night, green with jealousy. Mr. Oscar winner, your days as the undisputed holder of the Best Hair in Showbiz on a Man title are over.

Indeed, Ben has the bad habit of smoking and he also seems very fond of being photographed while so doing, but he’s still gorgeous. He also looks good in a suit or in more casual clothes, in black and white or in color.

The man is perfection. And he’s just the kind of guy that could sell anything, judging on the responses he’s already getting online.

His photos, some of which are also included in the gallery below, have been featured on Buzzfeed and EliteDaily, where they went viral and prompted the very honest question: how come this man is not famous yet? He totally deserves to be.



Ben Dahlhaus (4 Images)

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