Meet the Real Life Hannibal Lecter

The Austrian variant

Sometimes, to like your neighbors can have a very creepy meaning. For instance, a cannibal hit his neighbor with something heavy, cut him from the neck to the genitalia and started the feast.

The body of the victim was found in a pool of blood and the bowels were scattered through the room. On a plate, a piece of cooked brain, tongue and entrails, all half eaten were found by the police officers (who required a visit to the shrink). Robert A. (19) was still with the mouth full of blood after "enjoying" his 49-year-old neighbor Josef S. (49).

The victim and the killer lived in the same Viennese social center, the first as a homeless, the second as an ex-patient of most of psychiatric hospitals in Vienna.

Robert A. was described by the neighbors as aggressive, quarrelsome and violent. He was known to toss beer cans on the head of people who used to pass by and to kick parked cars. The infatuated young man liked to show off as a spoiled boy, wasting money on new clothes and games.

The quarrel during the night of the crime was caused by money. The attorney psychiatrist Reinhard Haller believed Robert A. lost control due to a momentary psychosis, triggered by alcohol or drugs, or perhaps a high sadism, which outbroke during the altercation between the two.

As Robert A. still has not made a statement, the police can only suspect what happened. The suspect could have maltreated and then violently raped the victim, causing his death.

The cannibal doctor Hannibal Lecter, the infamous character from "The Silence of the Lambs" scandalized the world, but he revealed the human cruelty at its highest, which was believed to hide under the cover of civilization.

The recent Viennese case may recall another cannibalism case that took place in 2001 in Rotenburg (Hessen, Germany): Armin Meiwes (44) and his cannibalistic feast, came from the mind of two IT specialists, hungry for extreme homosexual pleasures. Meiwess consumed 25 kg (60 pounds) from the body of his victim, the engineer Bernd Jurgen Brandes.

Meiwes, with a very cold temper, told in a nonchalant way the story, proud to be in the eye of the media. He said the source of his cannibalistic fascination was reading „Robinson Crusoe", where, at a given moment, the character Friday expresses his intention to eat a dead comrade as a sign of "honor".

"From teenage I had butchering fantasies" stated Meiwess, whose personality as a psychopath was greatly shaped by an over-authoritarian mother. He looked on the web for homosexual relationships.

„I was amazed by what offers the cannibalistic sector. People simply offer their bodies to be butchered and eaten alive".

Bernd offered his penis to be cut and eaten by both. They did it in Meiwess' house, after the victim ingested a lot of alcohol and sedatives to stand the ordeal.

The cannibal recorded on camera for four and a half hours the whole orgy, partially provoked by the victim itself.

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