Meet The "True Wearable" Multimedia Watch of The Future!

The PMP watch is just a concept, for the time being

If the aliens had a watch factory in New Jersey, then their final product would definitely look like this one. The idea isn't exactly new, but the watch features all the capabilities of a genuine PMP watch.

The concept was designed by two companies, True and Propeller, after an American-Thai partnership between the development company Propeller and Thailand's leader in telecommunications, True.

The designers managed to add a futuristic flavor to the watch and added cool electrifying colors, which are definitely going to please the Japanese taste. But, is it also practical?

The manufacturers weren't really original when they came up with such a boring name for the good looking gadget. They dubbed it "True Wearable". Yeah, I know! It sounds boring, but the list of features impresses anyone who thought they know all about it.

The multimedia watch comes with an integrated GPS navigation system, which reveals precise coordinates, while being on the road. After that, they added web browsing capability - so popular these days - that most of the manufactures like to add no matter the device. Unfortunately, in ten years, every single electronic will be a PMP. Coffee makers, lipsticks, nose trimmers, panties, lampsÂ… you name it.

However, this smart watch provides gaming options and even video chat, so you won't feel lonely anymore while commuting or traveling. The True Wearable - I still cannot believe they chose such a name - offers support for playback for both audio and video capabilities. Does it make bagels, too?

I wonder if the screen size of such a device can be limited to a certain size. They seem to make the wrist band bigger and bigger these days. As for the power system, the watch needs to be charged every four hours, so the fun can be interrupted if you don't have batteries or an appropriate outlet.

All in all, this shiny gizmo could be every teenager's dream, that if it ever sees the light of day!

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