Meet the Most Easily Scared Man in the World – Video

Norwegian man Basse Anderson gets scared even if you throw a plastic toy at him

Norwegian man Basse Anderson has become somewhat of an Internet celebrity. His special ability is getting extremely easily scared.

In an interview with a reporter from NRK Sørlandet, he shows off exactly how easy it is to scare him. It basically only takes throwing a plastic toy at him or doing something completely unexpected.

To test if Basse isn't faking his reactions, the reporter tries to spook him by making a loud noise, and it definitely works.

Anderson seems very amused by his co-workers, who apparently rather enjoy making fun of him. He works in the printing section of a company, and, since he has access to a warehouse, the team prank him. One of them hides in a cardboard box, and only leaves his head out of the box.

When Basse picks up an object sitting on that box, he gets a glimpse of the worker's head, the only thing popping out of the container. His reaction is worth pushing the repeat button, which is something I'm sure his 1 million fans have done.

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