Everybody, This Is Spyke, The Perfect Skype Bot!

The robot features some cool options

It's the first time I hear about the Spyke robot. So, I guess I have never seen one of these in action. Until now! At a first glimpse, I have to admit the bot is not as boring as normal Skype phones tend to be. The Spyke robot is said to be able to transform into another bot, totally different in appearance. In addition, the bot can double as a Wi-Fi web cam, which means it allows its users to use it as a regular Skype enabled webcam to record all sorts of content.

The bot is Meccano's latest creation and its best part when using it is definitely the possibility of controlling it via your personal PC. Some might say it was especially designed for rich people who have business to take care of in two different cities. Imagine someone who lives in NY and has to go to Berlin with businesses for a month or more.

But hey, do not think about using one of these babies to spy on others. Even if it has an integrated camera, microphone and even speakers. But if you think about it, I'd say it could be a great choice as a surveillance bot.

Not to mention your fellow workers won't be able to access your PC, as long as it is carefully guarded by a faithful Spyke bot, for that it uses a special array of motion detection sensors.

Other features in the robot's specification list say that the it can actually play your favorite music in MP3 file format, it can broadcast images via a built-in webcam and more.

The Spyke Robot series includes three different robots out of the 210 parts and it is also compatible with some other sets, which can help the users customize the Spyke.

No official info about the price tag and availability, sorry! Check out some images with Spyke from CES that were posted on the Internet:


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