Meet Speedster, the World's Fastest Wheelchair

Although one might think that people with disabilities, who're forced to use a wheelchair every day of their lives, don't really care too much about speed and adrenaline, there are quite a lot of people who don't fit the profile (especially those whose thirst for adrenaline led to debilitating accidents), and that's exactly the category of people targeted by the Speedster.

Essentially, the Speedster is a wheelchair that will allow users to move a lot faster than they'd do when using a normal product of this type, that relies solely on muscle power in order to move from one location to the next (whether of the person in the wheelchair or of the person actually moving the wheelchair).

This very unusual moving contraption is manufactured by TankChair, a company we've talked about a few years ago, back in 2007, to be precise, when they've come up with the world's first-ever all-terrain wheelchair, the TankChair.

The Speedster sports a one-piece aluminum chassis, high-performance motorcycle tires, AGM sealed lead acid 12v batteries, as well as 21” Colorado Custom Billet Wheels finished in Chrome.

At the core of the Speedster there's a 24V engine, providing 1hp continuous power, 2400 RPM and delivering variable speed, that should enable users to gain quite a bit of speed, depending on their own weight, of course.

Despite coming packed with batteries and a motor, the Speedster is not significantly larger than most wheelchairs out there, given the fact that it's 28 inches wide x 38 inches long, while having an assembled weight of around 330 lbs.

Naturally, pricing for the Speedster wheelchair from TankChair is quite high (compared to a normal chair, or even an electric-powered one), as it sells for around $17,500.00, which is not exactly a sum most people with disabilities will be able to afford.

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