Meet Gnomescroll − a Multiplayer Voxel-Powered Game

It's all about guns, shovels, blocks and robots, or so they say

Gnomescroll, a multiplayer voxel game set in surreal planetary environments, in which the player tries so survive by any mean necessary, is now available for Linux.

Some of you might notice the Minecraft resemblance, but Gnomescroll really tries to do things differently.

It's actually surprising that the Minecraft recipe hasn't been copied yet, in the same way other games serve as inspiration. Just look at the number of shooters and strategies out there.

The resemblance with Minecraft is given by the engine, which relies on voxels. These are practically pixels in three dimensions. The technology is not new and was first used in games almost 15 years ago.

It may not look too pretty, but it does ensure that the game runs smoothly on systems with low hardware. It uses mostly the processor and not the graphic card.

There are some simple rules to follow in this game and everything else stem from them:

• Collect some crystals, fuel and metal ores, smell the ores and craft some lasers;

• Build a base for safety;

• Kill some mobs, collect charge packs and all the items dropped.

Resource collection and storage is a big deal in this game and the developers also provide a simple, but complete tutorial that will help beginners. Just follow these steps:

• To mine (destroy a block and collect the item it drops) attack a block - hold LMB;

• To mine crystals, destroy the block under them;

• To collect an item, move close to it - it will automatically jump into your inventory (it won’t when your inventory is full);

• To kill a mob (living creature, short for "mobile") hit it with any item or the bare hand from a close distance, or with a grenade or laser rifle from a larger distance;

• To store the items or blocks you have, place them in a storage block or cryofreezer (for methane ice) by entering that block's menu and dragging the item into the block's boxes.

There aren't any other indications on what the final purpose of the game is, but you can download the 32-bit client from Softpedia.

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