MeeGo-Focused Jolla to Be Highly Successful on the Niche Market

Devices would be uniquely designed, more expensive than others

Nokia has no further plans to launch MeeGo devices, but the Jolla startup is focused on proving that the platform could be successful.

At the moment, MeeGo is loaded only on two handsets, namely the Nokia N9 and the Nokia N950 developer device.

However, more such mobile phones should arrive on shelves from Jolla, some expected to be unveiled before the end of this year.

The Jolla startup, created through Nokia’s own program designed to help employees pursue new goals after leaving the company, has a team of around 50 people working on new MeeGo devices. The team is led by Jussi Hurmola and Marc Dillon.

The company is working hard on ensuring that they have all put in place for the launch of new mobile phones, including deals with suppliers, financing and licensing agreements.

The primary goal of the startup is to sell its first 100,000 MeeGo devices, a recent article on Forbes reads.

That might not seem too much, but these devices are targeted at a niche market, the same as Ferrari’s cars, and might prove enough, the news site reports.

The idea would be to come up with a product that is both highly desirable and unique, and which could bring you more money than it costs to produce.

MeeGo devices coming from Jolla are expected to be more expensive when compared to similarly spec’d smartphones available on shelves.

That shouldn’t be a problem, Forbes suggests, especially since Jolla is not aiming at high volume production. Only enthusiasts would buy these devices, and price should not be a barrier for them, especially if phones will land on shelves SIM-free and unlocked.

MeeGo is an open platform, which means that it should not be too difficult for Jolla to get applications running on it. However, chances are that it won’t see too much third-party support, other than that of application developers.

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