Medion Akoya S621xT Can Switch Between Tablet, Laptop and AIO Mode

The Akoya S621xT has a built-in tripod that allows it to sit vertically on the desk

Do you remember Medion? Even if the brand has remained pretty obscure for most, the company put out a pretty worthy ASUS Transformer Book T100 alternative last year, in the form of the Akoya P2212T. Now it looks like Medion is working on another convertible model, which might arrive on the market at some point in the future.

The red dot 21 website is a rich database that collects and rewards the most innovative devices designed with the Red Dot Design Award. More than that, the database is also a lofty place for discovering new devices that haven’t yet been announced or did not leak in the press so far.

The website abounds of information and images, but be warned that a lot of the products we’re teasing you with here aren't yet ready for commercialization and might not be for a very long time. In some cases, we’re even talking about ideas, concept designs or prototypes that might never make it on the market.

Nevertheless, they provide a sneak peek into what companies are working on, be it tablets, Ultrabooks or notebooks. If we are to believe the information in the above-mentioned data-base, Medion might be working on the Akoya S621xT. As expected, this is a hybrid tablet that can be turned into a notebook by docking it into a keyboard stand.

The Medion Akoya S621xT is a 15.6-inch laptop that can be turned into a big tablet by detaching the screen or be used as an AIO, depending on the user’s needs. The display not only is detachable, but it also integrates a tripod that allows to vertically stand on a desk or a table.

Medion Akoya S621xT will come with AIO mode
Medion Akoya S621xT will come with AIO mode

We don’t know much in terms of hardware, but the heart of the system will be the ConnectX keyboard which will connect the two worlds (tablet and notebook). Medion is calling the “Edge Design Line” its unique solution of detaching the keyboard from the screen, in order to watch movies, play games and surf the internet.

It would make sense for the new Akoya to come running Windows 8 out of the box, like the Akoya P2212T, so it could compete with ASUS’ Transformer Book family.

Certainly, the Akoya S621xT brings one extra to the table, something that ASUS’ offerings are missing so far, in the form of AIO mode. The added versatility of the Medion product might strike a sensible chord with some users out there, so we’ll keep updating you, in case new information about the product surfaces.


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