Medal of Honor: Warfighter The Hunt DLC Out This Week on PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Two new maps plus lots of weapon attachments and mods are coming to the game

Electronic Arts will release the long-awaited The Hunt downloadable map pack for Medal of Honor: Warfighter this week across the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 platforms, bringing two maps based on the Zero Dark Thirty movie.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter came out in October and proudly touted its realism and that it's based on the missions of actual Tier 1 Operators like U.S. Navy SEALs.

[admark=1]While the game was pretty much a generic first-person shooter, EA is hoping to attract more people to it this week through the release of a special "The Hunt" map pack (formerly known as Zero Dark Thirty), which promotes not just the Zero Dark Thirty movie.

We already knew that it contained two special maps, the Darra Gun Market and the Chitra Compound, but now EA has released a list of other things that are included in the add-on, as well as descriptions for the DLC.

Check out the full list of details below, via CVG:

"The Darra Gun Market map contains a scenic river crossing with high intensity combat over the ravine, the gunsmith pit which is right along the docks, and the abandoned estate that provides an overwatch for the entire middle section of the map. Players of each class will find areas that support their play style - there are great sniper positions, as well as several sneaky routes located around each of the objectives.

"Chitral Compound is based loosely on the area you scoured for the Cleric in single player. It features a small town center checkpoint with roof to roof combat, a large dried up river valley which provides many great sniping opportunities, and the strongly fortified compound which contains several locations perfect for bipod play in Homerun Mode."

14 New Weapon


- Atlas

- Mako

- Blackbird

- Grizzly

- Neptune

- Gunslinger

- Ranger

- Wolfpack


- Tactical Pink

- Hunter

- Tree Bark

- Snake Peel

- Dev Team

New Weapon


- EBR: Standard Barrel + PEQ-15, Trijicon TA648-308 + RMR

- AK103: Lightweight Barrel + Surefire Rail & Foregrip, Trijicon RMR

- MG4: Lightweight Barrel + Handguard, No Stock

- G36: Quad Rail + LLM01, Aimpoint Micro T1 + 3x Magnifier

- MK16PDW: Lightweight Barrel + PEQ-15, Trijicon 1x42

- OBR762: Standard Barrel + PEQ-15, US Optics SN-8

The Medal of Honor: Warfighter The Hunt DLC will be released today, December 17, for the PC via Origin, tomorrow, December 18, for Xbox 360 owners worldwide and for PS3 users in North America, and on December 19, for European PS3 owners.

Those who got the Warfighter Limited Edition get the DLC for free while those with regular copies need to pay $9.99/€9.99/800 MS Points.

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