Medal of Honor Suffered from Execution Problems, Will Rebound

The series declined after it was rebooted first in 2010

Video game publisher Electronic Arts surprised a number of gamers when it announced that it was no longer working on video games in the long-running Medal of Honor franchise, but it seems the company continues to have long-term plans for the series.

Rich Hilleman, a chief creative director at EA, tells Rock, Paper, Shotgun that the game universe and its features will make a return when the market is more receptive.

He states, “We don’t think it’s a genre problem. It’s an execution problem. We don’t think Medal of Honor’s performance speaks to any particular bias in that space against modern settings or World War 2 or any of that. It’s much more that we had some things we should’ve done better.”

Electronic Arts tried to alternate releases of Medal of Honor and Battlefield, giving players two different types of experience set in the same game space.

It seems that, for the coming years, the publisher plans to focus solely on the DICE-made series, which has managed to keep a constant quality level.

Hillman also suggests that one of the problems with Medal of Honor has been the lack of quality leadership for the team working on the game, which resulted in a worse than expected game and limited sales.

Initially, Medal of Honor was a tough competitor for Call of Duty, back in the times when both series tackled battles and campaigns from World War II.

The EA franchise failed to impress when its own Airborne installment went up against the first Modern Warfare title.

The series was revived in 2010, but the two new titles had little innovation to offer and failed to deliver the single player or the multiplayer to keep fans interested in the long term.

Rumors suggest that DICE is already working on Battlefield 4 for next-gen consoles.

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