Meal Gear Rising: Revengeance Quality Surprised Hideo Kojima

His team might continue to collaborate on Raiden games

The Platinum Games developed Meal Gear Rising: Revengeance has managed to surprise the original creator of the long-running series and it seems that more long-term collaboration might be linked to the franchise.

Hideo Kojima tells the Japanese magazine Famitsu, as translated by Polygon, that, “To be honest, I didn’t think we’d have it go this well. When I first asked Platinum Games for help, it was a pretty forced request, in that I felt if I couldn’t get them to take it then the project would be cancelled.”

He adds, “I’ve worked on collaborative efforts in the past, but they didn’t go well, and that became a sort of trauma for me. Getting real results from this one was a really good case study, I think. MGR wouldn’t have been born if it were us alone, and I don’t think Platinum could have made it by themselves, either.”

Kojima believes that the way his team worked with Platinum Games indicates a new type of collaboration between two entities that could point the way to other teams.

The veteran developer believes that there’s enough quality in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and that publisher Konami and Kojima Productions must now generate sales for the game.

If Raiden’s story is successful, more collaborative efforts might be launched with other third-party developers in order to create future titles.

Revengeance is more action focused than typical titles in the Metal Gear franchise, with the protagonist getting access to a wide array of offensive modes.

The game focuses on many new enemies and tells a very personal story.

At the same time, Kojima Productions is working on a core new Metal Gear Solid title called Ground Zeroes, which will use the more traditional stealth mechanics of the franchise, while bringing an open world for the first time.

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