"Hacker" Is Back with for Sale at Only $1 Million, €750,000

Someone's get rich quick scheme isn't going so well

A few months back, when Kim Dotcom was revealing the first details of Mega, he announced that he'd be using the domain for the site. It didn't last long though as, presumably under pressure from the US, the Gabon government took away the domain.

Strangely enough, the domain then became the home, or one home, of Omega, a group, project, hacker trying to get some attention.

This group or person wasn't too keen on Dotcom and went on to attack him in one way or another. The domain was also up for sale, for the nice round sum of $1 million, €750,000.

Nothing came of it though and people moved on. But Omega is back, now auctioning off for the same amount of money.

There aren't any takers, but the group is trying to drum up some attention in the hope that someone will be silly enough to pay that kind of money, or any kind of money really, for the domain.

The group went to such lengths that it tried to trick one Ars Technica reporter into believing that he was contacted by Kim Dotcom who was claiming that the domain is to be suspended and that Mega would be switching to

It was an amateurish scam, but it's only purpose seems to have been to get some attention for the auction. In that sense, it worked.

The money from the auction is supposed to go towards a fund set up to help people like Bradley Manning, the Wikileaks source, and Andrew Auernheimer, the notorious internet troll Weev.

That may or may not be true. But all of the efforts, first to sell off, now the new domain, plus all the scheming seem to indicate that this is someone with a grudge on Dotcom, at best, or someone looking to make a quick buck, at worse.

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