, Home of the New MegaUpload, Is Now Live

The domain of the new file sharing site is now live, the service launches in January

The new Mega, designed to replace MegaUpload and do a much better job at helping people host and share files online, is seeing the first signs of life.

The site is not ready yet, it should go live sometime early in 2013, but Kim Dotcom is going ahead with the preparations and has launched a page for people to sign up to be notified when the new site goes live.

Dotcom has revealed that the new site will be housed at and the domain is actually now live. But it just redirects to, a page about the upcoming service.

He says he chose the .ga TLD to avoid problems with the US government that controls .com, .net and many other popular top-level domains. .ga is Gabon's country code top-level domain.

The new site will also avoid hosting companies from the US, though Dotcom says will rely on several partners from around the world.

Because the new site encrypts all files before they are uploaded, can use multiple hosts in several countries and not worry about privacy issues. More hosting providers are still welcomed.

The new service is a departure from MegaUpload, which only enabled users to upload files and share them with others. is more of a cloud storage service, similar to Dropbox and co., your online files will be easily accessible from your computer, kept in a regular folder or drive.

The site will also rely on developers to build on top of the service, the API is an important component of the new service.

Obviously, all of this means nothing for now, it remains to be seen whether can get off the ground. The site is due to launch on January 20, 2013, on the exact date MegaUpload got raided this year.


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