McDonald's in China Sell Detergent Instead of Coca Cola, Say They're Sorry

Customer unknowingly drinks the concoction, ends up needing urgent medical attention

Towards the middle of January, a customer who merely wished to enjoy a quiet meal at a McDonald's restaurant in China (i.e. in Shenyang, northeastern China, to be more precise) ended up needing urgent medical attention after being served detergent instead of Coca Cola.

Information made available to the public says that this unfortunate customer was a woman whose husband unknowingly picked up a cup filled with a soapy liquid from the counter.

Apparently, the man believed that this cup was supposed to accompany the hamburger he had just ordered, Huffington Post reports.

Almost immediately after gulping down some of the detergent in the cup, the woman began feeling ill and had to be rushed to a nearby hospital, where doctors “served” her the following diagnosis: erosive gastritis.

Despite their returning to the McDonald's restaurant demanding some explanations, the woman's husband only got a heartfelt apology and a promise that they would receive some compensation.

Presently, the value of said compensation is yet to be determined.

For the time being, one question remains: how was it exactly that the woman drank the detergent without her realizing that it was not soda?

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