McDonald's Settles Lawsuit in Case of Franchise Promising Islamic Diet

A costumer from Detroit claimed his meal was not halal

McDonald's and franchise owner Finley's Management Co. will be a paying Muslim Detroit resident damages for falsely advertising an Islamic diet menu.

Ahmed Ahmed from Dearborn Heights sued the chain for serving him chicken that had not been prepared following the proper steps respecting Muslim tradition. In other words, it wasn't halal.

According to the Inquisitr, preparing halal poultry requires it be slaughtered only after one invokes God's name. Also, the restaurant has to be equipped to properly handle and separate the food, and the workers need to be trained accordingly.

The venue mentioned in its marketing campaign that it offered halal Chicken McNuggets and McChicken, and its owner insists that they were at worst negligent, and that they do care about their customers. Even so, they will be paying out $700,000 (€523,000) after settling.

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