McDonald's Newest Chicken Wings Will Be Available in Chicago

The company is expanding its testing period for the “Mighty Wings”

The McDonald's “Mighty Wings” should be available a bit longer, as the company has decided to try out its product in Chicago.

So in case you haven't tried them, these are not McNuggets, and apparently they are nothing like Chicken McBites.

Perhaps adding the word “mighty” in the name wasn't enough to convince costumers that the wings are “McTasty,” so the company is giving them another go. Last year, they tried them in Atlanta, and Red Lion Trader writes that they had a good run.

As a result, the people of Chicago will get the chance at a taste, starting this week. They should be available in menus of three, five or 10 pieces. There is no news of the fast-food chain going national with its newest chicken recipe.

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