McDonald's Is Back with Its McRib Sandwich for Christmas

"McRib is Back!" signs spotted outside McDonald's restaurants

For this cold season, McDonald's has once again brought its McRib back, to mixed reviews. Editors at NPR confirm that you can, in fact, spot the "McRib is Back!" signs outside McDonald's restaurants.

They go on to grant the rib sandwich terrifying reviews:

“Every year we celebrate the return of the McRib to McDonald's menus by not eating one,” NPR'S Ian Chillag writes.

Other members of the editorial staff try it out, blurting out comments such as “Your stomach no longer trusts your hands and mouth” and “What is this? On the box, it should say 'No Animals Were Harmed In The Making of this Sandwich.'”

ABC News wrote in October that the fast-food chain had planned to re-launch the McRib in mid-December, noting that Austrian restaurants were already selling the McRibster spin-off.

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