McDonald’s Gift Card Scam Advertises Rogue Facebook App

Users are tricked into participating in shady surveys

Facebook users should beware of posts that offer free $100 McDonald’s gift cards since they’re part of a scheme that’s designed to lure victims to a malicious application.

“Now hungry people on a budget can stretch their dollar even further with a FREE MCDONALDS $100 GIFT CARD, participation required. Click for details,” the posts read.

Hoax Slayer informs that those who click on the links are taken to a Facebook app which takes over the victim’s account and starts posting the message on his/her timeline.

After the app is installed, users are presented with a survey which they must complete in order to win the gift cards.

However, no one ever wins anything, except for the crooks which harvest all sorts of personal information during the entire process.

Steer clear of such scams. If you’re requested to install apps or participate in surveys, you’re most likely dealing with a scam.

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