McAfee: 631 Botnet Command and Control Servers Currently Active in the US

The company has released a list of the top 10 countries hosting C&C servers

Security solutions provider McAfee has been using its cloud-based Global Threat Intelligence service and its binary and proactive research to monitor botnet threats from all around the world. On Wednesday, they’ve released a list of top 10 countries hosting command and control (C&C) servers.

As it turns out, most active C&C servers are located in the United States (631). The US is followed by the British Virgin Islands with 237, the Netherlands with 154, Russia with 125, Germany with 95, Korea with 81 and Switzerland with 77 servers.

The last three positions are occupied by Australia (64), China (48), and Canada (38).

It’s interesting to see that the US, which is one of the most vocal countries when it comes to fighting cybercrime, harbors so many botnet C&C servers.

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