Mayer's Shopping Spree Brought Yahoo Ten Startups So Far

With the latest acquisitions, the company's mobile team grows stronger

Marissa Mayer’s shopping spree has officially reached a round number. Since she joined Yahoo last summer, the company has acquired ten startups.

With Yahoo’s announcement on Friday about acquiring Loki Studios, as well as MileWise and GoPollGo on Thursday, the number of startups the Internet giant bought since last summer has reached ten.

Mayer’s rhythm at buying small companies is fast paced by any standard, but particularly for Yahoo. Since the company barely bought a company each year before she became CEO, the new changes are even more obvious.

The full list includes Stamped, OntheAir,, Alike, Jybe, Summly, Astrid, GoPollGo, Milewise and Loki.

Just by buying the last four companies, Yahoo has won over 22 entrepreneurs for their growing mobile team, as Yahoo tweeted recently.

As soon as she joined the company, Marissa Mayer revealed her plan to start buying companies again, but pointed out that the acquisitions would be in the “double digit millions and low hundreds of millions,” rather than in the billions like other companies are doing now.

While the startups Yahoo has bought so far don’t stand out in the technology department, they’ve been primarily targeted for the talented teams behind the projects.

However, a trend can be noticed easily while looking at the startups she bought. They’re all somehow connected to the mobile world.

And this is obviously a direction that Mayer wants to expand Yahoo in since it’s a long-term bet that should pay off in the end.

However, in order to achieve this, she knew she had to freshen up the teams, to bring in new people with a new way of thinking, because these are the individuals that can bring new value to Yahoo.

They can improve Yahoo’s existing products, but also to build mobile-friendly services that are personalized to users.

The question remains on how many more businesses Yahoo will acquire in the coming months.

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